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Cian Wax Melt [Spanish Inspired] (50g Clamshell)


Experience the refreshing and invigorating scent of Spain with our Cian wax melt.

This Spanish cleaning inspired fragrance is powered by a zesty blend of lemon, orange, and coriander, balanced with the warmth of ginger, verbena, and Mediterranean herbs. The base notes of lily of the valley, sandalwood, and amber create a calming and grounding effect.

Our Cian wax melt is perfect for anytime you need an uplifting mood boost or when you want to relax and unwind.

Let the fragrance transport you to the sunny and vibrant citrus groves of Spain.

Perfect for any home, and any occasion.

Our commitment to animal welfare means that our products and ingredients have never and will never be tested on animals.

Due to the handmade nature of our products, colours may vary slightly between batches.

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